Multigo 150

Multifunctional compact sweeper


Achieving perfect harmonisation between a vehicle and an attachment significantly influences efficiency – quick device changes and customised attachments make the Schmidt Multigo 150 the smallest all-rounder in the Schmidt family of sweepers. It’s ideal for use during both the summer and the winter months. And an investment in flexibility that’s guaranteed to pay off for you.


Our all-rounder – the benefits for you:

  • Versatile and efficient utilisation
  • Can be driven with a Class B driving licence (passenger vehicles)
  • Extremely manoeuvrable due to articulated joint
  • Lower maintenance costs, as fleet is smaller
  • Easy changeover of attachments
  • Automatic all-wheel drive (4x4), automatic power distribution
  • High payload of 1 tonne, permissible gross laden weight of 3.5 tonnes
  • Optimum PM10/PM2.5 certification (4 stars)


User-friendly workspace with:

  • AGR certified and recommended; optionally with double lumbar support
  • Panoramic windows for a perfect overview
  • Ergonomic operation of all features
  • (joystick/control panel/foot pedal)
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Seat inclination and length adjustment, three-point seatbelt, heated seat and backrest angle adjustment
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation system with fine particulate filter (Class F8)
  • Full-suspension chassis, vibration-dampened cab (viscous dampers) and sprung driver’s seat delivered as standard
  • Low-noise cab – helps to create a very pleasant and quieter working environment


The Perkins diesel engine with 75 hp and four-cylinder common rail with 2.2 litre capacity fulfils the environmental requirements of EU Stage V. The maintenance-free spur gear cog control means that there are no additional operating
and maintenance costs.