S 3.1

Lateral Snow Blower

Lateral Snow Blower S 3.1
The S 3.1 lateral snow blower’s performance is based on the well-established cavity blower system. This enables large amounts of snow to be cleared and an accurate, considerable ejection distance to be achieved.


Construction and Technology
The S 3.1 lateral snow blower is powered by chain transmission which is connected directly to the PTO shaft on the carrier vehicle via the drive shaft. It is equipped with a 150 m wide feed plough which transfers the snow to the blower wheel. This achieves a consistent clearing outcome of 2 000 mm in width. The elongated points of the fourbladed blower wheel enable problem-free snow collection even with low levels of snow.


Tough on Walls of Snow
The S 3.1 lateral snow blower is designed for use in towns and rural areas, to specifically remove the snow walls left on the sides after ploughing. The snow is either ejected or loaded onto trucks. To enable free snow ejection, the blower wheel casing is hydraulically adjusted to the left or the right. The hydraulic slewing mechanism allows the chute to be turned 360°.


Flexible and Fast
The S 3.1 is attached to the implement plate using the quick change device of the implement carrier and is ready for action within a short period of time. The fact that it is powered directly by the PTO means no further drive is necessary. The S 3.1 lateral snow blower is suitable for the Unimog vehicles U 300, U 400, U 500 and for the range U 900 to U 1600, as well as, other carrier vehicles.

Technical data

S 3.1
Clearing width (mm) 2.000
Ejection distance (m) 20
Clearing capacity (t/h) 1.300
Approximate weight (kg) 910
Schmidt S 3.1