Snow plough for narrow track vehicles

Single-blade snow plough


The single-blade snow plough MPC-P by Schmidt is suitable for narrow-track carrier vehicles with VSS-B mounting plate.

Strong blade reinforcements allow the safe removal of larger amounts of snow.

The automatic deviation system with two segments and the blade angle of 45° allow an aggressive snow clearance as well as a safe running over obstacles without damage to the snow plough.

The use of high quality components make the Schmidt products very cost-efficient for your winter duties.

Technical data

MPC-S 26 MPC-S 28 MPC-S 30
Cutting edge length (mm) 2.600 2.800 3.000
Clearing width (mm) 2.140 (35°) 2.300 (35°) 2.460 (35°)
Plough height (right/left) (mm) 1.030 1.030 1.060
Approximate weight (kg) 515 560 600