Snow plough for narrow track vehicles

Single-blade snow plough


The single-blade snow plough MPC-P by Schmidt is suitable for narrow-track carrier vehicles with VSS-B mounting plate.

The weight-reduced upper blade is made of PE plastic. Strong blade reinforcements in the lower area allow the safe removal of larger amounts of snow.

The automatic deviation system with two segments and the blade angle of 45° allow an aggressive snow clearance as well as a safe running over obstacles without damage to the snow plough.

The use of high quality components make the Schmidt products very cost-efficient for your winter duties.

Technical data

MPC-P 28 MPC-P 24 MPC-P 26
Cutting edge length (mm) 2.800 2.400 2.600
Clearing width (mm) 2.570 (31°) 2.060 (31°) 2.410 (31°)
Plough height (right/left) (mm) 920 920 920
Approximate weight (kg) 500 470 485