Spreading system

Absolute flexibility in the deployment of personnel, increased traffic safety, economical use of de-icing agents and simple but reliable spreading.


Simple and reliable spreading

AutoLogic is an easy to use, automatic spreading system with routing. The GPS navigation guides the driver along the route and the spreading settings occur automatically. This enables the driver to fully concentrate on the traffic without being distracted by the spreading process.


Flexible use

The route is driven once to collect the settings for spreading. The route data is fed into the ES control panel. At the start of the following spreading application, the driver selects the route and follows the directions. AutoLogic ensures exact spreading fully automatically: Dosage, spreading width, symmetry etc. are exactly matched to the route. This enables the optimal spreading even of complex routes with roundabouts or stretches of motorway. The lack of route knowledge no longer poses a problem when deploying staff.


RouteCreator PC application

Using the PC application, RouteCreator, routes and spreader settings can be altered without having to drive the route again. This is particularly useful during heavy snowfall when higher dosage levels are required. With RouteCreator, spreader settings are easily adjusted and can be saved as an alternative route.


AutoLogic system advantages

  • Higher level of road safety because the driver is free to concentrate on driving.
  • Optimal spreading settings at all times
  • Flexibility in staff deployment, route knowledge is not required by the driver
  • Complex routes are perfectly spread
  • Off & On route recognition, whereby the driver is visually guided back to the right route when confronted with road blocks and detours.
  • Optional: When combined with the ThermoLogic system, the dosage setting is based on the road temperature measured.